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Old Mosborough

MOSBOROUGH [Moresburg]

(Old English) burg ="fort, fortified manor" on the (Old English) mor ="moor, marsh".

The name Mosborough was derived from Moresburgh, which means "Fort on the Moor".
The lands of Mosborough and Eckington were bequeathed in 1002AD by Wulfric Spot to Morcare a supposed counsellor to Ethelred the Unready, but following the Norman Conquest the Saxon landowners were replaced by Norman ones and William the Conqueror bestowed the lands in this area in 1086 to Ralph Fitzhubert.

Robert FitzHubert (Ralph) (lord of Mosborough in 1086)
held several lordships in chief. His   lineage is not well defined. That he was kinsman  of Henri de Ferrierers is reasonably certain. The father, Hubert de Corcun, (now Curzon) a seigneur of a fief in the barony of Ferrierers in Normandy, held West Lockinge in Berkshire of Henri de Ferrers, the tenant in chief. He was not necessarily a 'natural' son, a Fitz myth long since exploded. Boscherville, Curzon and Livet were all surnames deriving from this feoffment.


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